Wall Planners

The humble desk and wall planner is an elegant organisational and motivational tool. Having an entire year at-a-glance is a great way to keep your past, present and future in perspective.

Once you fill it in with your scheduled tasks, deadlines and goals, you are left with a charming snapshot of the year ahead of you.

Promote your business all year round

Planners are a great promotional and marketing tool, allowing your details to stay in full view of everyone, raising your business profile and branding. It will be referred to regularly during the year to share important dates, events, meetings, appointments and holidays.

Should you wish Treefrog to produce a giveaway desk or wall planner for your customers, take advantage of our already prepared templates and we will personalise it for your company by adding your logo, contact information, text and colours to suit your requirements.

We print every conceivable type of desk and wall calendar planners in house, from academic planners for Universities, Colleges, Schools and Training Organisations to customised, bespoke planners unique and individual for all types of businesses.

Here’s an idea!

Have you thought of approaching one or more of your suppliers to sponsor the printing of your planners by having advertisements on your calendars paying for part of or the full cost.

  • Send them to customers and prospects – cost effective marketing tool.
  • Great as giveaways at events, shows and exhibitions.
  • Make it useful, personalise it with information for your customers.
  • Promote your business and raise your brand profile.
  • Everyone uses them to check holidays, appointments, meetings, sharing dates and events.
  • Provides a greater scope for planning than a typical calendar.
  • A great way to get remembered; stay in full view for a whole year.
  • Quick and simple to order – use our templates already prepared.
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